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Ships-navios Madeira

Saipem 7000 o 2 maior guindaste flutuante do mundo no Funchal Disney Dream in Port Canaveral (Jan. 4, 2011) Oasis of the Seas Naviera Armas (Canary Islands) The International Airport of Madeira




The cruise liner "Europa" began its Around the World Trip.
The ship departure was followed by fireworks. 300 german tourists embarqued this day (30 November 2006) in Funchal-Madeira, to join the others in this 80.000 - 100.000 Euros trip.
Berlitz Cruising: *****+ (very good ship)
Each ship is then given a score out of 2,000 possible points and a final rating, from One Star to Five Stars +, the highest rating a ship can attain.
Passenger accommodation is offered across seven decks and laid out very spaciously. Each cabin has 27m of space.
To add to Europa's elegance bathrooms in each cabin boast granite floors and marble floors.
Dimensions 198,60 x 24,00 x 6,00 m.
GT 28.437 tonns