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Cocaine on board.

There are reports of a massive drugs haul off the Almería coast
By m.p.
Wed, 14 Feb 2007, 22:03
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Bales of the recovered Cocaine - Photo EFE

There were reports on Wednesday of a Finnish-registered merchant ship seized in international waters with a possible 4 tons of cocaine on board.

The ‘OCT Challenger’ was escorted to port in Almería shortly before 2am on Wednesday, after it was intercepted by Customs Authorities. There are no reports as yet on the results of the search.

The vessel was boarded 60 miles off the coast of Almería by order of the National Police in Madrid, who are in charge of the investigation.

The ship’s crew are from Greece and Italy and may have, according to reports, dumped a part of their illicit cargo overboard.
Note: Dimensions 62 x 10,60 x 4 m

”OCT Challenger” (ex. ”Sabina”, ex. ”Ash”, ex. ”Atol”, ex. ”Urkerland”, ex. ”Autol”, ex. ”Punta Motela”)

Gt: 863t
Imo: 7905558
Flag: Finland
Built 1980
Esteem value Euros 385.000,00

Blaus VII (built 1983) in Funchal-Madeira (14th February 2007).
This Vessel (Yacht) has been captured  by the Portuguese authorities, the Vessel was carrying massive quantities of Cocaine (1,5t) - Three Greek citizens were arrested in the same morning
Spanish flag
Dimensions: 22,50 x 5,26 x 2,70
GT: 24t
Esteem value: Euros 1.000.000,00

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