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Ships-navios Madeira

Saipem 7000 o 2º maior guindaste flutuante do mundo no Funchal Disney Dream in Port Canaveral (Jan. 4, 2011) Oasis of the Seas Naviera Armas (Canary Islands) The International Airport of Madeira

O poderoso quebra gelos nuclear N/S YAMAL (icebreaker)

The nuclear icebreaker Yamal was built in BALTIJSKIJ ZAVOD- LENINEGRADO, Russia in 1992 by Murmansk Shipping Company and is one of five ice-breakers in this class. Not simply an ice-reinforced ship, the Yamal is a powerful and sophisticated icebreaker that has taken adventurous passengers to the North Pole since 1993.
One of the world's most powerful and sophisticated ships.
With a displacement of 23,460 tons, 75,000 total horsepower and an armour steel icebreaker hull no less than 48mm thick, the Yamal is among the world's most powerful and sophisticated ships.  The Yamal is equipped with a double hull. The outer hull is 48 mm thick where ice is met and 25 mm elsewhere and there is water ballast between the inner and outer hulls. Icebreaking is assisted by an air bubbling system which can deliver 24 m³/s of water from jets 9 m below the surface.
Designed as a working vessel to keep shipping lanes open along Russia's Northern Sea Route, the Yamal is more than capable of rising to the challenge of the heaviest ice. The ship is a model of technology - and of passenger comfort. One of five icebreakers in this class operated by the Murmansk Shipping Company, the Yamal has taken adventurous travelers to the North Pole since 1993.
* Staff & Crew: 140
* Passengers: 100
* Length: 150 m
* Breadth: 30 m
* Draft: 11.08 m
* Propulsion: 2 nuclear-powered steam turbines; 75,000 total horsepower
* Ice Class: LL1 (the highest rating possible)
* Cruising Speed: 21 knots (open water)
* Range: 4 years (approx.)
* Registered in Russia, Murmansk Shipping Company

Yamal ( Quark Expeditions) and others nuclear icebreakers like Sovietskiy Soyuz are not allowed to enter the coastal waters of Spitsbergen. Norwegian authorities, sensitive to the ships twin hazards, says development of tourism in the area should not include the use of nuclear powered vessels.

Built in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1992 by Murmansk Shipping Company, the nuclear icebreaker Yamal is one of five ice-breakers in the Arktika class ("Sovetskiy Soyuz", "Arktika", "Sibir", "Rossija", "Yamal") . This icebreaker has taken passengers to the North Pole since 1993.
The Yamal carries a maximum of 100 passengers. This icebreaker carries helicopters for reconnaissance and passenger excursions.
The Yamal and her sister ships must cruise in cold water, in order to cool their reactors. As a result, they cannot pass through the tropics to undertake voyages in the Southern hemisphere.

O poderoso quebra gelos nuclear russo N/S YAMAL que realiza cuzeiros de aventura polar ao Polo Norte.
Compr. 150 m, largura 30m, calado 11m (tem + calado do que o "Queen Mary2").
Velocidade 21 nós, passageiros 100, tripulantes 120, oficiais 30, decks 5, potência 75.000 HP (cavalos), GT 23.460 tns
Equipado com 2 helicópetros.
Espessura do casco 48m/m. É OBRA!
Paulo Farinha


Viagem de 1/07/06 a 14/07/06
Partida de Helsínquia, Murmansk, (Rússia), Mar de Barents, Polo Norte (90º), Arquipêlago Franz Josef (Rússia), e retorno.
Preço a partir de € 14.800,00.
Facilidades que o navio oferece
Biblioteca, Sala de estar, Auditório, Ginásio, Basketball Court, Piscina interior, Sauna.