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Ships-navios Madeira

Saipem 7000 o 2 maior guindaste flutuante do mundo no Funchal Disney Dream in Port Canaveral (Jan. 4, 2011) Oasis of the Seas Naviera Armas (Canary Islands) The International Airport of Madeira



"Arun" rescue vessels in Madeira-Portugal
Incredibly these boats were not being used as expected, instead these were "beached" ashore, because the portuguese Authorities would not give permission for these to operate in Madeira Island.
SANAS is not awaiting for a certificate which will alow them to finally operate with the rescue vessels in the Madeiran waters. The portuguese legislation is deeply affected by burocracy, no wonder why Portugal is staying well behind, of all the other western european nations.
"Arun" rescue vessels in Madeira-Portugal
All RNLI all-weather lifeboats are inherently self righting and undergo a rigorous righting trial before joining the fleet. Should an all-weather lifeboat be knocked over in extreme weather, it will automatically right itself within a few seconds.

Length 14,50 m, Propulsion: 2 x 500 HP
total horsepower 1000, Speed: 18 knots, Passengers 30, weight 31,5 tonnes, Crew 6, Construction Glass Reinforced Plastic, Range 230 nautical miles
Navigation and communication
All-weather lifeboats are fitted with the latest in navigation, location and communication equipment - including electronic chart plotter, VHF radio with direction finder, radar and global positioning systems (GPS). Inshore lifeboats and hovercraft also have VHF radio and GPS, with the Atlantic 85 and E class carrying the additional radar.